Eritrea’s diaspora an inspiration for all developing nations


Eritrea’s diaspora nation building engagement in building a self reliant sustainable economy.

Article by: Auet Melache -EriStarukMedia

Welcome to this short ensight into Eritrea’s diaspora nation-building engagement in building a self-reliant, sustainable economy. In this video, we will explore Eritrea’s efforts towards self-reliance, how the diaspora is contributing to this process, and the potential impact of Eritrea’s model on other developing countries.

[1 – Eritrea’s Progress Towards Self-Reliance].

Eritrea, a small country in the Horn of Africa, underwent years of colonization, followed by a 30-year war for independence. Since gaining independence in 1993, it has faced numerous challenges, including a devastating border war with Ethiopia and economic sanctions that have hampered its development. However, Eritrea has made impressive progress towards self-reliance in recent years, with a focus on developing its agricultural sector, mining resources, and manufacturing industries.

[2 – Diaspora Engagement in the Process].

Eritrea’s diaspora community, estimated to be over a million worldwide, has been an integral part of this process. It has contributed to the country’s economy by investing in various sectors, such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing. The government has also established various programs and initiatives to encourage the diaspora’s involvement, including the issuance of bonds and facilitating the transfer of remittances.

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[3 – Potential Impact on other Developing Countries].

Eritrea’s self-reliance model, built upon the involvement of its own diaspora, has the potential to serve as a model for other developing countries. By harnessing the skills and resources of its diaspora, Eritrea has been able to make significant strides towards strengthening its economy and achieving sustainable development goals. This model could be particularly relevant in countries with large diaspora populations, such as India and the Philippines.

In conclusion, Eritrea’s diaspora nation-building engagement in building a self-reliant, sustainable economy is a unique and inspiring example of national development. Through the involvement of its diaspora community, Eritrea has been able to overcome the challenges it has faced and lay a strong foundation for a self-reliant future. Other developing countries can learn from Eritrea’s experience and build on the support of their own diaspora communities to promote sustainable development and economic growth.

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